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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Is Myspace Morphing Into Facebook?

I have noticed lately that Myspace is kind of dying. I don't get nearly as many messages as I used to on there. It used to be a single day would give me anywhere from 10-20 messages. Now? I am lucky to get one. No one really uses it. It has gotten boring.

Then there is Facebook. I joined it in about 2005. It wasn't as popular then except with college kids and teens. I was going to college so of course heard about it and created one. It was boring. I didn't talk to anyone really on there so hardly ever checked it.

Then one day, it grew. Now everyone and I mean everyone has one. My uncles, aunts, cousins, friends. Everyone is there. I find more people I went to school with on there than I ever did on Myspace.

Here is the thing. In the slow agonizing death of MY Myspace anyway I see it turning itself into Facebook. First it added all the annoying apps. Regardless of their annoyance there are some I participate in. I don't mind Texas Holdem Poker. I kinda like it on occasion. I even have a virtual pet that I occasional bathe and take for a walk. (I do mean occasionally. It usually sits on my page with a sad face covered in clouds of dust.)

Then in the past month I see their mood status and comment section is now exactly like Facebooks. Then a couple of days ago I got on, and saw a message at the bottom of my screen from my sister. It now has chat...just like Facebook. So pretty soon I think the sites will be exactly the same. I have things I like better about Myspace and things I like better about Facebook. If they could combine them and make a totally NEW site it would be cool. That's not true. I'd just join it too and add it to my never ending list of social networks.



ChocDrop said...

I have not created anything on myspace nor facebook. But I find the same things here with comments and such. But I do feel close to everyone here. It is just open and (hopefully) honest. It's like these friends that you have just never seen but support you.

Mama said...

i would have to agree. my myspace is becoming less and less fun, even though they are getting more facebook like things, I still like facebook more. it just seems easier to read and keep up at facebook.

Mystery Man said...

you've noticed that myspce is on life support, too, huh? i used to get tos of comments and messages, and blog notifictions, now the ammont i get in the span of 2 weeks is what i would get in a day.

wonder how long it will be until myspce goes the way of collegeclub and other social network sites that died

Melissa said...

I have signed up for both of them, in the past. I never use them though. I just do not have the time. I did find lots of my old classmates. I should look for family, never thought of it.

Stephenie said...

I agree. I like MySpace better but no one ever seems to use it. And it annoys me they are making it like Facebook. I would like to boycott Facebook........but then I will miss everyone since that is where everyone seems to be.


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