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Monday, May 4, 2009

Ever Have One of Those Blonde Moments?

I had one today. Yes...yes I know. I am expecting the jokes to come my way. I took a shower, got my hair blow dried and started to put things away. I picked up my contact case and noticed my hands got wet. I looked down and saw the lid was loose. I immediately panicked and opened it and saw that my contact was indeed gone. I looked around for oh...5 seconds before I remembered it was in my eye.

Yes. Feel free to laugh now.


plin said...

lol. Although I did have similar experience in which I started off my day by warming up my car, then spend the next fifteen minutes looking for my car key.

Melissa said...

LOL thats OK I have blonde moments all the time.

Shelly said...

I'm laughing WITH you...I swear. I don't wear contacts and have not a single blonde hair so what is my excuse when I have "one of those days"?

Luv a Bargain Sherri said...

That is too funny! I need to start keeping a journal on my own blond moments;)

Dorothy L said...

LOL...all my damn life.
Being blond was bad enough...but being named Dorothy after the Wizard of oz...was worse and then I am yup many Blond, polish and Wizard of oz jokes and moments to live through.

As they say..."This too shall pass"

Have a great day!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Sounds like a half asleep moment - only I have those for full days sometimes! Scary part is I used to drive 60 miles into town, work, school, and back having "one of those moments"!

Bill said...

That was a good one Sandi. LOL it is like the time i was looking around the house for my glasses and they were on top of my head LOL. LMAO

Tina T said...

I've done that more than once with my contacts, but I'm a brunette. What does that make my moment?

joe-ann said...

Funny! I often have that moments.=)

Tita Beng said...

I'm not blond but I have plenty of those kind of moments. You aren't alone!

☆Willa☆ said...

you're so funny!!!


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