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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Checking Off That List

There can be no more procrastination from me. I have been under the impression I need three prerequisites then I'd be all done. Those things change all the time quite literally especially in the medical field. It may have something to do with the area I chose. It may have something to do with the fact that I chose to go straight to BSN. I want my Bachelors. Regardless I need a Philosophy class. I can take Intro or Medical Ethics or something about Moral Problems. There was a religion one too. I really have no desire to take a religious class.

I also need English/Comp 2 which I was almost positive I have already taken. It's an easy class for me though. Writing has never been difficult for me and reading is sort of my thing. Then I need Growth and Development One and Two. This area is difficult for me. I have learned Psychology teachers are all insane. Ironic hmm? I had a Pscyh teacher who liked to blurt out curse words in class. The first day she kicked a desk really really hard causing a loud boom to echo throughout the school. Then she asked " I bet you are all thinking I'm one crazy B**** don't you? What the f*** is she doing?" After this of course I did think those things about her. She was a tiny young thing...tipping the scales at no more than 90 pounds but she had a mouth that would make a sailor blush.

Then I started a new Psych class at a different college the following year. She informed us if we missed more than one day of class we'd drop a full letter grade. Most of us were parents. It was a night class. One lady said she lived there all alone with her son and had no babysitter or help so what would happen if her son got sick? The teacher said she did not care if her son was puking and running 105 temp. She had to be there or her grade dropped. Having four children of my own, I dropped that class. I cannot guarantee anything and I won't lose a full letter grade because that woman is insane. So now I have to take another Psychology class. TWO of them. I wonder if this teacher will be insane. I will have no choice but to take the class regardless. You see there is yet MORE!

I need to take two college level Algebra classes. Luckily I haven't had any trouble with the math classes and in some sick way I like them. I know I know. Crazy. I need an elective in the Psychology area too. So I think that's it. I have to get all of these done BEFORE my January nursing classes start. This means I am taking classes this summer and fall. I will be one busy lady. I have filled out the transcripts, returned the phone calls I was supposed to return, made some new ones, applied to the community college here to finish the prereqs and all of that fun stuff.

In the end this will pay off and honestly I hate doing nothing. I need to be busy. I am so much happier when I am busy. All of this and it's just after 9 a.m.

I need coffee.


The Constant Complainer said...

Hey, I'm impressed that you were blogging at 6:58 a.m. Forget procrastination - there's something to say about being an early riser. :)

Laura said...

It does not sound like you are a procrastinator. I think you have a busy life with 4 kids, school, blogging and everything else you do.

Tita Beng said...

I can't imagine myself in your shoes. Just reading all those plans of future activities makes me grasp for breath. Not considering your stints as wife, mother of four and a cancer survivor. I'm sure you'll be successful in your new endeavor. I can see, you're one true fighter! Good luck and God bless!

Melissa said...

I loved all my psych classes, and the crazy teachers the best. I get bored very easy, so keeping my attention is important. If I were you I would choose the medical ethics course. I think you will find it very interesting, and a easy class to get into.


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