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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Fun

I kind of want to get out tonight. It's been a heck of a week. Sometimes I need a stress reducing evening which involves basically me and a margarita. Or even a Captain and Coke. It's all good. I just want a break. I think it's deserved now and again. I'll be starting summer classes soon so I need to get out while I can. Unfortunately it doesn't look like this will be happening. I think I am stuck in tonight with nothing to do. Maybe I'll just pop in a movie and relax. That's not so bad either. I do miss my sister though! I haven't gotten out in awhile. It's sad really.

This afternoon though I did head uptown with the family and we saw a local band playing up at the park. They had some good tunes and there was good food. It was a fundraising deal for the local amublance. Then I got some ice cream. A caramel sundae topped with whip cream, a cherry and in a waffle cone shell. Yes. It was good.

Looks like I am settling in for the night. Maybe I should get out my pencils and work on that drawing.


Anonymous said...

come on lets go I'll buy!

Melissa said...

We all need days out once in a while. Yep once you start your nursing courses, you might as well kiss fun goodbye.

ChocDrop said...

Oh, yes settling in with a nice spirit can always reduce some stress.
But I know that getting out really has it perks. I really miss getting out myself.

OnlineDiva said...

I always look forward to reward myself after a long days work or to inspire myself before going back and finish a task. :)

A caramel sundae is a quick way to reward and inspire someone like you. :) Now, that makes me want to have one as well.

Have a great day! :)


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