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Monday, May 25, 2009

Crazy Motorcycle Stories

I have two of them. Two separate yet almost equally crazy motorcycle stories. The hubby and I like to ride. We always have. Back in around 2003 the hubby had a bike that he had bought used. It wasn't anything too fancy but it got the job done. He was at work one Sunday morning and I was in bed sleeping. I had to get up to get ready for the day and I was still pretty groggy. I sat up, swung my legs over the side of the bed and promptly heard some screeching, grinding sounds and a hard loud crash. I panicked not knowing what had happened. I realized there must have been an accident outside of my house so I quickly looked out the window. There was a mini van in my front yard with a young girl climbing out shaking and crying. I ran downstairs and burst out the front door and saw it. She had hit the hubbies motorcycle. It was parked up against our fence in the front yard. It wasn't by the road. She had to drive into our yard to hit it. It was a little wet outside that day so she must have come around the corner too fast or something and lost control. She had just gotten her license that week, I found out later. She first hit the bike, but didn't stop there. She continued on into my neighbor's yard (who is my uncle) and kept hitting the gas. Since it was wet, it was muddy. She threw mud all over his house, all the way up to the truck parked up along the back side of his house. It was all covered in thick mud. Then she turned around, came back to my yard and parked the opposite direction.

The hubby's motorcycle was pretty firmly stuck in the ground. It was destroyed. The girl was very shaken and crying so I just comforted her and told her it was OK. I knew she felt nervous and crappy and I understood why! She was fine. So I just let her use the phone and the police did arrive and wrote it all up. She did get a ticket for driving too fast for the conditions. That was the cops choice. Hubby and I weren't upset. Just glad she was OK. The cop said he wanted to teach her a lesson over this before she killed someone......still poor girl must be so embarrassed!

Second crazy story? Well my husband, myself, my sister and brother in law were almost killed by a driver that I still cannot figure out what they were doing. After the bike we had before got hit, we got a new one. This time it was a bike we were in love with. We got our Harley. FINALLY. We (OK fine hubby) got a 2005 Super Glide. It was awesome. We went riding a lot. One of our favorite things was to take this 6 mile drive to the town next to us. There are several large curves on the way.

We hopped on our bikes and headed out. Things were going great until we hit the 2nd curve. My sister and her hubby were in front of us and it suddenly hit me that the car in the left lane was not in the left lane at all but in OUR lane and they were headed straight for my sister!! I thought to myself that I was about to see my sister get hit by a car. Why was the car in the wrong lane??? They were going around the curve fine, not going off the road...just driving in the wrong lane. It almost seemed like they were TRYING to kill us. So my brother in law veered off to the left and missed the car. I was relieved and breathed a sigh of relief. Until I realized the car was now headed straight for us and NOT moving. I was so scared. I didn't see how on the sharpest part of this curve that we could avoid being hit head on. I didn't know if there were any cars behind us, or in the other lane. I glanced over to the left and saw no cars. Hubby swung the bike to the left and I felt the back tire skipping or sort of jumping to the left and the car skimmed past us on our right. The bike felt like it was going down on the left and I could literally feel the wind off the car on the right it was so close. I closed my eyes and screamed "Oh my God!" I remember like it was yesterday. Normally over the roar of the bike you can't hear each other talk much...but for some reason when I said that, in the midst of my hubby trying to keep this bike up off the ground, I heard him clearly tell me that it was OK. Specifically "It's ok hunny." Not that it was OK at all. He just wanted to comfort me. It's weird how I heard him. It was almost like all other noise had disappeared. I thought for sure I was dead. I was ready for the ground to meet my face at any moment. Then hubby got the bike back up and we road the curve out. We pulled off on the shoulder gasping and screaming at the car who almost ended all our lives as they sped away. They never stopped to see if we were OK. Never explained themselves or came back around. No, we never saw them again. We were OK, but pretty shaken up. We stopped to get a drink after we got to our destination to calm our nerves and sit there and talk about it. I'll never forget it and I always had unanswered questions on the situation. I still want to know what in the world that person was doing! Here is a pic (I have shared before) of the hubby and I on the bike. I can morph into a Harley Chick pretty much at will. haha


sexy legs and body said...

Scary stuff!! Dont you just wish you can get hold of that driver?? would love to squeese the last breath out of him. But then, I suppose that is not the right thing to do...

SLColman said...

Motorcycles scare me. Seriously scare me. I am so glad that nobody was hurt in either of those scary stories!

ChocDrop said...

I like to ride on the back of a motorcycle, but I am always scared to death of wrecking or being hit. That is when I realized that I had anxiety. Can't ride anymore due to medical reasons.

Leanne said...

Wow. I knew there was a reason I didn't ride on motorcycles. My hubby got hit by a car on one before he met me. It cured him of wanting another bike....I'm okay with that. I just shudder when my son now talks about them...

Mr. New Dilemma said...

Wow, that second story was pretty intense. Glad it all worked out, hope you don't have to many hard feelings for the driver of the car though, he probably felt like an idiot and his/her shame prevented their return to the scene. It happens.


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