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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great Night Out!

My life has to be exciting all the time. Nothing can just happen. I was getting ready for my night out with hubby and I got a call from my doctor. To read that news you can go to my other blog. :) Let's just say I was given some great reasons to go out and celebrate.

Then my mom calls and asks if we are still going. Of course I am! Why wouldn't I? Maybe it has something to do with all the tornado watches and warnings all over the Midwest? Yeah. That could have something to do with it. Or the floods and roads covered in water. I am so sick of rain. I am so sick of wet grounds and mud. Nothing was going to stand in my way! I was going out.

So I stuck to my guns. I got ready and really we never had anything more than a drizzle on our heads. There was some lightening and thunder but things were never more than just plain old soggy outside and I can handle that. We ate a wonderful meal. It started off of course interesting. I was starving and dug into the salsa and chips on my plate. I inhaled a sharp jagged piece of chip and it got stuck in my throat. I wasn't choking, it was just stabbing me. We have all had it happen. I was trying to swallow it but it would not budge. It was hurting bad. It stabbed my throat. I have never had this hurt so bad. I had no drink! They had not brought our beverages yet. So they finally brought my husband his dark, Mexican beer and I chugged it. LOL It still wouldn't budge! That piece of chip sat firmly in the my throat stabbing me. So I finally just started pushing on that side of my throat..and it finally slid down scraping me all the way. I finally got my strawberry daiquiri which really doesn't help fast but it helped. I got a little buzz from all the chugging too. haha Anyway, see? Everything has to have a story with me. Even if it is about pieces of tortilla chips.

So after that wonderful event we ate some great food and headed to the theater. We saw Star Trek which was AWESOME. The humor in it was flawless, perfect. The guy who plays Captain Kirk is pretty hot. Yeah. I said it. He is. Anyway the guy who plays Spock is just dead on perfect. The action is timed just right. The love story goes a way that I was so happy with. There isn't much of one. But it's there. The movie was awesome and there were applause at the end. I even got some kisses during the movie.

So there you have it. Another eventful day in my life.

(can't believe I told the chip story)


ChocDrop said...

Sounds like you had a great night out....but the other news was the best.

ROCK ON, GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! So happy for you.

Anonymous said...

I usually try to chew my food before swallowing it!

Vagabond Sean said...

I Like the new ad.

Tales of a Vagabond

Lance said...

You are only 33 to have cancer. That is so young


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