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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Recently Did a Facebook Quiz

Don't you hate them? Yes I admit it. I have done them a few times. I will be honest...what else is there to DO on Facebook? I find it rather boring. I get the occasional message but mostly my page is just filled with who did what survey, quiz, who poked who or some other thing that I probably don't care about. I have consumed so many beverages on "buy a round" that I think I should be dead by now. I do it myself. I am guilty as charged. I do it because "all my friends are doing it". So so sad isn't it?

I did a quiz this week on the top 5 people I want to punch in the face now. Ha! Well I will be honest, it took me a long time to try and think of 5 people I'd want to punch in the face. I am not a violent person by any means. So jokingly I put in "the spray tan orange" chick. Now I am all for a safe tan. Maybe a little but there is such a thing as going overboard!

Yes....that I don't like. I also don't like those flipped collars guys. They make you look like such a...well....nerd. So unpop those collars. Please. Come on. How is this cool? (this one was not on my list but should have been.)

I could go on. Rosie O'Donnell made my list too. I used to watch her talk show folks. I think she lost her mind after she lost that show. There is a blog I visit regularly that had a picture of her looking horrible in some tight shorts that revealed things you NEVER want to see with what appeared to be sweat in all the wrong areas as well. That has scarred me. Since I am a regular Entrecard dropper I frequently had to drop my card right next to that pic. Each day I screamed at my computer for it to go away. It hurt my eyes!!! I guess that is another thing that bothers me. How do I put this in a non offensive way? I don't think I can. OK. Fine. Camel toe. Girls, girls girls. PLEASE. If we can see this...your jeans are too tight! Or you are wearing the wrong kind of pants entirely.

So if you filled out the quiz what would your pics be? haha


ChocDrop said...

The sad part is I am not a violent person as well but I can list 5 without blinking an eye.....Bad week as you can see!!
1. K--for purposes i can't list the whole name, just thinks her shit don't stink....i beg to differ

2. Octomom--I am going to have to pay for those babies....

3. Anyone prejudice against Gay or Black people..

4. The boy that got my daughter pregnant.

5. Child predators/molesters

Sandi said...

haha you make a good list. :) Yeah I have at least one person that I won't put on a public list. I am not violent but I could do it if I needed to. =/

Melissa said...

Ha Ha I do not do Facebook, but I love your post. The spray tan girl looks like she was cooked in the oven too long.

Isabella said...

I practically shot coffee out of my nose when I read your camel toe comment (never saw the photo...but from your description, I'm glad I didn't). Thanks for the laugh. :)

I'm sure if I really thought about it, I'd come up with a thorough list. But the first person to come to mind is the gang member who held down his 7-year-old son so he could get a gang tattoo.


geohol22 said...

Sandy, as someone who lived through the 80's with the Izod Alligator shirts with the collars turned up I gotta say that look is SO OUT!

oh and for the record I wasn't one of those guys! more like baseball shirts with jeans and Nike's !

heidi said...

I love those quizzes and hate to say it but can think of 5 as well. I love FB quizzes so much I think I am addicted!

Nigel said...

Facebook is huge for contacting old friends... but the rest of the stuff... serious time killers.

And.... Camel Toe... I have no words... only my head shaking. Hopefully a look that is purely accidental and not strived for?

Funny stuff, Sandi.

Online Diva said...

I have yet to do that quiz though haha! :)

I also noticed how facebook is swamped by a lot of applications, quizzes and stuff that I sometimes find interesting, at times annoying. :)

Well, talking about squeezing everything in one social networking site :P

Nina said...

I need to do that quiz

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