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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Really Not a Morning Person, More Rain and My College

First of all, I may be up early. I may get a lot of things done. I do all of this because I have to. I really have no choice. Being a parent you have to get up at the crack of dawn, especially during the school year. I like to sleep until about 10 though. That's cozy to me, but it rarely happens. I do get more done when I get up early. So I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I like to get things done but I also enjoy my sleep. If I have my coffee I can manage.

We have yet more rain this morning. We have had SO much rain this year it's just unbelievable. The farmers aren't liking this I don't think. The fields are getting flooded making planting impossible. That delay can cause all sorts of problems for them economically which will trickle down to us all. It's not good. I love a good thunderstorm but we have had so many this year. I don't think we need anymore for at least a month. Still, I do love a good thunderstorm. I really do love the thunder and the lightening. I even love a really strong one with some hail as long as I am inside. One year we got golf ball sized hail. Of course it does damage so it's not a good thing, but it can bring a little excitement to an otherwise boring evening.

Now, my college. It's such a beautiful place!!! I have always admired the building not knowing for sure if I would go there and now I am a student there. Look at this place? Is it not old and beautiful? I just love it. I am so anxious to start. It's the prerequisites at the community college that will be hard and time consuming. I am hoping clinicals will involve less paper writing. It's just so time consuming. I can't imagine I'll have a lot of free time starting next month. I'll find time to blog though. haha


Laura said...

I love the rain too. Especially if you have a tin roof. Good luck on your studies. That is a beautiful building.

ChocDrop said...

I am so tired of the rain here as well. More thunderstorms are coming our way tonight. Siding is coming off the house, oh great!!!
So excited about school for you.

liza said...

I think the weird weather is all around. It's supposed to be summer here but for the last 2 weeks of april, we had 3 typhoons.

Melissa said...

That is a beautiful college. We just finally got our first rain, in a month. It was so dry here, after flooding last month. I do not remember the last time I slept past six, most times I am up at five.

Sandy B said...

Mighty good looking college!


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