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Saturday, May 9, 2009

True Love's Kiss?

This is really meant to be a funny observation more than anything. I picked up a $5 video with random princess movies on it. They were not the originals. These were cheap little cartoon copies of Pocahontas, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, etc.

I was listening to the version with the little mermaid and something hit me. All of these princess love stories are INSANE. Why do you ask? Well as I listened to Ariel or whatever the mermaid's name is in this cheap version, saying I love him, I have to have him. I'll do anything to be with him I thought "stalker". She saw him once from a distance and now wants to use a powerful spell, lose her voice, become a human so she can get the man of her dreams. I thought to myself how in the world does she know she will get him? What if he didn't like her at all? Hmmm.

Then of course there is Snow White. Did she ever even meet the prince until he saw her supposedly dead in the glass coffin? Didn't true love's kiss have to revive her? Yet I am thinking they hadn't even met yet. Then there is Cinderella. He meets her, has a few dances then stalks her with a glass shoe in hand. I have to say though, in all these little videos Ariel seemed to be the most nuts. He hadn't even met her and she was professing love and how she just HAD to be with him no matter what.

There are more. I think these insane visions of love have warped some women's minds starting as young children. Love may just happen but it takes work to maintain a relationship, love or not. I have always told my hubby that these movies never show AFTER the happily ever after ending. lol Cinderella pops out a couple of kids and the Prince gets a wondering eye. Ha! No. I am just having fun here.

But seriously we can't base our love lifes on these fairy tales. I am proud of my relationship and know for a fact it has taken some hard work and there have been obstacles as in any relationship but I believe we are stronger for it. I absolutely believe in true love and all that romance. I believe people can be meant to be together but if you think it's all that easy and you aren't prepared to work for it, you are doomed to fail.

(p.s In case you are wondering, I love Disney movies and Ariel is one of my faves!)


ChocDrop said...

I have to completely agree with you!! I have had some desperate acquaintences that all they wanted was a man. I am speaking of three in particular--they all had a educational degree, in their late 20's and 30's.
Those ladies were not even happy with themselves. You can't even begin to share yourself until you know who you are!!!

p.s. how did your test go??
Feel free to email me if you don't want that publically out here.

Anonymous said...

Well I have long said that those stories as well as soap operas and movies warp chicks minds as far as relationships go and few men can stand up under such scrutiny.
The white picket fence and such.

great observation.

Melissa said...

I guess that is why they are called Fairy Tales, completely lost from reality.

Nhil said...

It looks romantic yes but at times the situations are too dramatic, yes that is why it is indeed called Fairy Tales. :)

Relationships are far from what we see in TV. There are a lot of things that these films do not cover in reality.

That is why we have to always be ready in educating the young when we watch those films with them. I am planning to do that when I watch with my kids (as soon as I have one) :)

Have a great day! :)

Chrysalis said...

Very observant!
I thought they were insane too- but i didn't come to the same conclusions you did. I think the root cause is that people think love is a feeling... That's affection, infatuation, admiration, maybe even lust... that "true love" stuff all little girls get poisoned with... I like the fairy tales too- my favorite is Sleeping Beauty.
Anyway... real love... that's a VERB an action, not a feeling and I think the world is missing that. It's a daily decision, not a feeling that comes and goes.


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