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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ranting About the Economy

I really can't wait until I start working. I feel the medical field is a good one to go into. I mean, we always need nurses right? My husband works for a company that is laying off a lot right now. So far the hubby has been lucky to keep his job but not without taking a cut like everyone else. It's hard and we're feeling it. I am so tired of telling everyone I don't have the cash but I don't feel sorry for myself because EVERYONE is feeling it right now. If anything I know most people can understand. I just wonder how long this can go on? How long will it continue to get worse? I see people getting laid off so they aren't spending which in turn causes other companies to lose money which then leads them to lay more people off. It's a never ending cycle. It has to stop somewhere.


ChocDrop said...

I agree with you. I am scared of losing my job every single day. My husband is in la la land about his.
I know my boss is fighting not to cut staff, but I think it will be inevitable.
Oh yes, RN's are needed badly. I work in a hospital and see it first hand.
GO out there and kick some butt in school, so I know a good nurse out there may be taking care of me one day...


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