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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back In Time

I couldn't think of anything terribly interesting to contribute on this nice and sunny Saturday morning. I wracked my brain and writer's block must have taken up residence in my brain. Either that or my life has become incredibly boring. I am really not sure which I prefer.

I haven't been out a whole lot lately. Our plans got canceled for the 25th. Remember those? I never got my margarita. Thankfully I have a hubby who is quite good at making them for me and we have a really nice Jimmy Buffet Margarita machine. Oh yes...look into these things. They are awesome. I may just have him whip one up for me tonight.

Regardless I decided to do what I always like to do when I just don't have a whole lot to say. I post pictures. I'm the girl who always has a camera. I like it that way, my sister tends to get mad at me. :) (Love ya Toots!) I believe a picture is worth a thousand words so randomly selected from my online photo album here are a few.

This is from the limo we rented for my 30th birthday party at the end of 2005. This is me and my best friend Diana.

ahhh here's a good one. This is also 2005. We rescued some cutie kitties. We used to get strays a lot.

Here is another one from 2005. I was performing onstage for a local talent show. Fun times!

Perhaps one day, I'll go back further and post my high school senior pic. Long long hair....slightly Texas style. Or big I should say. I don't think it's TOO big because it was 1994. It was big but not 80's big. =/ We'll see if I ever have the courage to post that one.


ChocDrop said...

I like to go back in time's fun. Looks like your 30th was awesome and with good friends.

Those margarita machines are nice my ex brought his over for the 4th july party and it makes a ton...

Bill said...

Great shots there Sandi. I hope the sun stays out for you this weekend so you can have some fun. Take care lady. :-)

Melissa said...

I too love pictures, though being in them is not a favorite of mine. You would get along great with my BIL, he always has a camera. It got so bad I had to ask him to leave his camera home, some people would get irritated with him sticking a camera in their face every time you turn around. Now since we live in different states, I let him bring the camera when we visit. He must take a million pictures.

Anonymous said...

looking good to me!!

hope your weekend is great!

I just noticed on the side bar some little banner things that you made. It has come to my attention that it seems Jason's are always getting props from chicks for being best looking, best lovers, smartest, greatest people on the planet, the salt of the earth!

just sayin!


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