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Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Is UP With This Week?

Have you ever had one of those weeks? It seemed like each time you turn around that something else is going wrong? Let's not even get into how my hair appliances tried to kill me last week! Yesterday I was sick. I believe I ate something that did not sit well. I missed two classes including my stat class that included a review for our upcoming test. That sucks enough. Today? I picked up my baby girl from daycare and within a half hour she was vomiting hard. She has a milk allergy and so she gets really sick from ANY milk. I can pretty much instantly tell now the difference between a simple stomach bug and the allergy. It drains her.

I filled out forms at the daycare telling them she had the allergy. I stressed it in a separate letter because I felt like they were not taking me seriously. Yes it is milk and surprise it's a common allergy! Anyway I called the daycare and first they flat out lied. I was told she had NO milk and no access to anything with milk...they did not even have anything with milk in it today. Ok.....but I still wasn't sure. Something was not right with how this came on. Then they called me back. A lady in the daycare admitted Gabbi stole another kid's Cheese It's. I have no idea how many she ate. I cried on the phone and told them how sick she was. I told them I was rushing home while she puked all over herself in the backseat. Her face beet red....her body looking pale and weak. I am mad thinking of this!!! I got another call back from the director who informed me the lady who was responsible in both situations has been fired. I agree with it. I think she did not and does not take food allergies seriously enough. A child's life could be on the line.

It was assured to me she'd be put in a high chair and kept away from all foods other than what I specifically send for her.....but it hasn't happened that way. She hasn't even been going a month. It happened once before, which I suppose is important to mention. She got a hold of another kid's cookie and got bad diarrhea for about 12 hours. This time she had more milk because she got VERY sick. She seems happier at the moment.

What would you do? I am a very very over protective mom as it is. Sending her to daycare was very hard on me and took TONS of trust. I am so saddened. It is a reputable place in a well to do neighborhood. Wish me luck tonight. Usually the bowels are affected after the vomiting and it gets bad. I don't need this. I cannot miss school again tomorrow.


Bill said...

So sorry here to about your daughter Sandi i hope she gets feeling better real soon. As far as the daycare maybe they should get a new employee or employees if they cant follow the instructions of the parents. I hope you can make it to school tomorrow and that your daughters allergy clears up.

Jude said...

Sorry you and your little girl aren't doing well. They really have some great people working in day cares, but there will always be those few that simply don't care. Hope this next week will be better for you and your little food thief, that cracked me up, poor little thing.

Anonymous said...

Well not in their defense but everyone makes mistakes. I would tell the director that this has happened before and if it happened again then you would definately pull her and report their obvious inability to properly manage children to the proper regulatory agency. Day cares, at least here, are highly regulated, as they very much should be.

Maybe that will force them to pay better attention.

Sandi said...

This is my point. I told them about the allergy on the forms I filled out. I wrote it on a separate hand written note. She has been hospitalized for this before. There is no room for error with this kind of thing because it could mean death for a child allergic to some things. If she had eaten more I could be in the hospital tonight. She stole the cookie the first time, they told me and then they reprimanded those involved after Gabbi got mildly ill. They informed all the ladies in there she was to be in a high chair during meal times and never around other kids food. One week later she is barely able to stay awake while vomiting, turning pale, etc. No this is unacceptable. I repeatedly warned them. I stressed it over and over. I accepted the mistake once...but not twice and how did she go unsupervised long enough to eat enough to get so ill? This is all less than ONE month of her going there. No this is one time I have sympathy for the one making the error. I let it go once but this is insane.

Sandi said...

I meant *no sympathy...and Sage I am one of the most forgiving people you'll ever meet. I can't screw around with my baby's life though.

Flory said...

OMG! I would have been really p!@#$d! They did the right thing by firing that lady, that's the least they could have done.

My 3 year old experienced an allergic reaction over the holiday weekend for the first time. It was scary, but I am glad that I had read enough about allergic reactions to know what to do. Benadryl, made sure she was breathing okay, called doctor. Had to take her to E-Room, but she's fine. Now we need to find out what caused it to make sure we can avoid it again.

Staci said...

Do they not understand that some people can actually die from food allergies? I know people with peanut allergies can have their throats swell shut pretty quickly. I'd be scared if the woman ignored what food the kids were putting in their mouths, she might be ignoring other things as well (marbles or other small toys in the mouth, fingers in electric sockets, a kid opening the door).

I hope the situation gets better for you with the woman gone. I hope you feel better as well.

Lynne said...

I would set up a one on one meeting with the director of the daycare. Let her know the results of your daughter being allowed to have these foods and make sure she knows that it has happened twice all ready. She needs to make sure everyone involved with your daughter is aware of the allergies and make sure all precautions are being taken. If she can't do this, then I would withdraw your daughter from the school.

Nacole the Shameless Momma said...

Oh I'm so sorry this happened, sure hope everything turns out okay!

I agree that the employee absolutely should have been fired. If she knew your daughter had allergies, it was her responsibility to SPEAK UP after she had the cheese!

Good luck to you both!


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