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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Funny Coincidence

I decided to take my scratch tickets back to the store to collect my big winnings of $3.00. I figured I may as well get three new ones. I know. It's a vicious cycle. Anyway I bought a ticket I had not seen before. It caught my eye because of all the orange cones on it. Yes it was road construction. The ticket was called Detour Doubler. I have seriously been through more road construction in the past month than I have in my lifetime! OK. Maybe not but it sure seems that way!

Anyway I scratched off the other two and won nothing. On the road construction ticket? I won $25.00! I'll use it for gas money. You gotta love matter how big or small!


ChocDrop said...

So road construction paid off???? lol

SLColman said...

Nice winnings :)

Melissa said...

My sister just this week, while visiting NY, won 500 dollars. How come I never get lucky, and win this kind of money LOL. I probably don't play enough, the most I have ever won was fifty bucks.

Leanne said...

Good for you! I love it when a bad thing happens to be good. Er, or something like that.


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