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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Early Rising and Feeling Better!

Yesterday I felt really really sick. I had went to bed with a bit of a sour stomach. It never went away. It was awful. I knew I had to get up early. I have fought insomnia since 2004 and having an upset stomach on top of it wasn't a great encouragement. I took an Ambien but guess what? It didn't work. Long story short I felt terrible yesterday morning. I missed my classes. I didn't want to but getting sick in Philosophy class is just not an option for me!

I feel better today but my stomach still has this small knot in it. I am going to Criminology today. I actually really enjoy this class. I don't feel like I learn a whole lot in Philosophy. I learn how to argue about anything and everything and not believe anything I am told. I guess that is something!

My teachers really fit their classes too. The Criminology teacher is bald, 40-ish, kind of buff like something straight from CSI. My Philosophy teacher has a long loose, low, ponytail, little wire frame glasses and usually a suit jacket and kakis. Seriously they couldn't have cast better in a movie.

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Now off to get ready for school!


Michelle said...

Gosh, sounds like you sure had a bad night. I totally know how you feel. I've had insomnia since 1995 and I've had stomach problems since 1988. It's a terrible combination. Hope you are feeling better today. Your classes sound like so much fun. It reminds me how much I miss school. Thanks for stopping by.


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