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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mood Swings?

OK not really but seriously the last two posts are complete opposites of each other. First I am all excited, shopping and happy and then I am reminiscing about less than pleasant aspects of my childhood. I have accepted my childhood. I love my parents and cherish my family. I am in some ways glad for all the trials. It's the trials that make you thankful for the good times. Otherwise I might be some egotistical brat. I think sometimes these things keep us grounded you know?

I think next weekend I'm gonna need a margarita. It's my relaxation drink of choice. I have a Philosophy exam in the morning. I am not really sure what to expect on this test so I am majorly cramming everything into my brain. Not sure how the test will be worded. Tuesday I have a Criminology exam and Wednesday night is a Math test. UGH. Wish me luck.



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