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Monday, September 28, 2009

College Riot

Last night I decided to get online and check the weather for today. I was hoping there would be no rain and luckily there was not. The point though is not the weather. Rather, as soon as I got to the local news website the front page was plastered with stories of a riot at MY college.

It claimed that a party at the on campus housing got out of hand. 200 people supposedly were involved in this riot where shots were fired and a student was hit by a car. There were injuries from the fight but no one was shot. I had to go there this morning. I have to say it was on my mind and I am wondering if they know who fired the shots? So someone has a gun ON campus? I am not sure what to think of it but I do think every time I go to school of all the crazy things that go on out there. It's scary for sure. This was a bit too close to home. I was thinking of it on my way to school and again it talked about it on the radio. It's hard enough to feel safe out there these days. The last thing I need to worry about on top of my studies is whether someone is mad enough to get out a gun.

No, the cartoon really has nothing to do with my post. I just liked it. haha


Quadmama said...

My college was a "party school" and had its fair share of riots. I don't remember any reports of shots fired, though. It all usually ended with the police shooting off "knee knockers" and the arrest of a few drunk kids who weren't smart enough to head for home. Hope your day went OK.

hitesh rawat said...


i have seen these kinda of scene's at my college.......students do that......round the world.....but shooting was smthing i wasn't expecting......but....still.....think its normal....that's why i think students shldn't be allowed to drink.....


Jordasche Bledsoe said...

I didn't go to college, but I think a riot of any kind sounds scary.


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