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Friday, September 11, 2009

I Love Shopping

Yes. I admit it. I'm a shopaholic wannabe. I shop whenever I can. I am in love with it. It makes me happy. Yes this is kind of typical of women but you know there is so much joy in it. It was a nice stress reliever after yesterday. Gabbi is better by the way. I am relieved.

So what did I do today? Well I bought jeans....a few shirts. I got a delicious White Chocolate Mocha. Mmmmmmm. It was the perfect day. I think the guys on the upper level were checking out my cleavage though. Yes boys....I notice you looking. I just make sure they are adjusted right and move on. haha

Anyway I snapped a picture of myself in the dressing room. I am odd like that I guess but it's fun. I sent a special (but not TOO special pic to the hubby.) He liked that at work. haha I am worn out though now. Philosophy is fairly boring at 9 a.m. folks. I could hardly keep my eyes open for class and I am sure the professor noticed it. I did fight it though.

On a side note....I had to buy a size 0 today. No that isn't a typo. I normally wear a 1. I have to say I do not think I am too thin or that I look too thin. I have had a few kids though. Post baby body is way different than pre baby body. I'd love my old body back. My basic reason for such small jeans is my lack of a butt. I could really use one.


SLColman said...

Wow a size 0 body after kids is pretty impressive.

Glad to hear that Gabbi is doing better and that you enjoyed a little time out shopping!

matt0701 said...

Wow, you are gorgeous!

Workplace On The Web said...

I do that makes me happy. Also, I like taking snapshots of me in the fitting/dressing room :)


hitesh rawat said...


you told me that.......


Femmepower said...

Me too,I love shopping.Guilty as charged,teehee.It relieves my stress,it makes my day.The only one i hate is a lot of trips to the fitting room and trying on several clothes.i'm really lazy doing that.but i don't have a choice because i'm quite picky on favorite is shopping for home essentials - from rugs to bedsheets,to kitchen buddies,to curtains, etc.
By the way, you sure look great!

Bill said...

Looking good there Sandi wooo hooo sexy. :-)


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