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Friday, September 4, 2009

Slamming Fingers in Doors

I have been responsible for it in the past. Just ask my cousin Bob whose finger I actually broke, or my sister Cindi whose hand I smashed in a car door when we were teens. Ahhh the memories. Well this morning I got up and walked rubbing the sleep out of my eyes toward my bedroom door. It's about 5:30 a.m. and I am dead tired. I open the door, wanting to close the door quietly pulled the door to a slow close. Unfortunately it closed faster than I expected and crunched my finger. That was a fast wake up let me tell ya. Coffee doesn't even work quite as well as that did. Anyway ouch. At least no hair appliances attacked me today.....yet.

I have to get another TB shot today. I had one a few weeks ago. I was supposed to go back in and get it checked on a certain day. I forgot. So they had to redo it. I went back in so they could check it, it was fine. Unfortunately for me for some odd reason I have to have two of them to go to nursing school. I'll be leaving shortly. I think they may be jabbing me with more needles too because I have no shot records at all. My childhood doctor packed up and disappeared and my home burnt down as a kid so no records of any shots exist as far as I know. I need several shots or proof of immunity. I will need blood drawn to prove immunity. I am no stranger to blood draws so bring it on. I am not afraid of needles and actually am looking forward to giving shots one day. I guess I am sick like that. Ha!

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend. Oh and get out there and have a good Labor Day too.


Liz said...

Ouch! Sandi I hope you're fingers are feeling better now. It happened to me a lot of times especially when I move really fast.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

ModernMommy said...

Have you tried contacting your elementary or high school for your shot records? That's how I got mine. Although I think I was only 22 when I requested them from my HS so I don't know how long they keep them on record. Worth a try though.

Sandi said...

actually thought about that Modern Mommy. I tell you what though. I am 33. haha AND my school consolidated with another school and moved buildings and all that so I guess I figured it would be too much trouble for whoever worked there to find them. I just figured I'd get the blood drawn since I am so used to it anyway.

Bill said...

Ouch i would agree that something like that would wake you up very fast. I hope you did not do much damage to your finger. I have done things like that myself.

THE GUYS said...

You're a pretty tough lady! THE GUYS wouldn't want to mess with you.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. And good luck with all your immunizations. The thought of getting a shot or giving a shot makes us queasy!

"Hope you'll visit"


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