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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Anniversary Gift To My Hubby

What better than tickets to see Jeff Dunham? Our 14 year anniversary is tomorrow. So next month we are going to see Jeff Dunham. I surprised him with the tickets today because of course I cannot wait...and I have class tomorrow night. I am so not happy about that! I am thrilled though to get my hubby these tickets. I have been so excited that I could do it for him. We are seeing Spark of Insanity. Ironically it appears to have premiered on Comedy Central on September 23, 2006. Our anniversary obviously is September 23rd. Cool! We are going to see Jeff Dunham!!!! Wooooot!

Can't seem to post a video. Oh well. Youtube him! He's awesome.


Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

Happy Anniversary! I'd say you scored!

Melissa said...

I hope he has a really good time, what a nice gift.

hitesh rawat said...

i kill you........ :)

wat better than JD ?? you're rite....hope one day he performs in India....and then i'll surely watch him......

I'm lindsay lohan......Achmed was ...\,,,/


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