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Thursday, September 3, 2009

As Always My Life Stays Interesting

Life has been keeping me busy no doubt about it. Monday through Friday I have class. I have to make the trip twice on Wednesday for a night class. That one is my Statistics class and by the time I get there I am already dead tired. So how does one stay awake for it? Well I do because if I do not? I will never understand any of it. It's insane. I forget how to do what I learned in class by the time I get to my 4 hours of homework! My teacher literally puts on the syllabus that he figures we'll spend about 4 hours per week on homework. Good god. 4 kids....a hubby and 5 classes. Oye.

Anyway yesterday I decided to run by the store and pick up a few items after class. I saw a older man walking there who had very large swollen legs. The legs were wrapped up and even his shoes were very big. I have heard of this medical condition. I believe it has something to do with circulation but cannot be positive. Anyway I just thought to myself that it would be horrible if he fell or something. I am sure it is painful for him to walk not to mention if it is his circulation a heart attack or stroke could probably occur. I did my shopping and left. I was driving away in my van when I saw him....lying on the road in the front of the parking lot. He was surrounded by people and some store personnel. He was not moving at all. I thought maybe he fell because his legs gave out and maybe he was in pain. I left and saw nothing more. I wonder what happened. The ambulance had not even arrived when I came upon this scene. I knew I could do nothing to help so I drove away but I do hope the man is alright.

Now this morning was sort of Final Destination-ish for me. I was getting ready and while curling my hair all the sudden my blow dryer kind of blew up. Yeah you heard me right. It made a loud pop and then I saw electricity and smoke. I freaked and pulled the plug on it. It will never see an outlet again. Garbage! Whew. I made it out alive. Then I grabbed my curling iron and proceeded to use it when ZAP! My hand felt like it got shocked. I thought WTF? I looked at the cord and I saw exposed wires. The cord had cracked open and my hand touched the wires. Now you tell me.....what would you do after a morning of your hair appliances trying to kill you? I decided my hair was done.


Split Rock Ranch said...

Holy cow! Never a dull moment in your life, eh?! I gave up on hair appliances - I just let mine dry naturally now. Perm, wash and go! My stylist says my hair is healthier now than it has ever been. Whew. No muss, no fuss, better hair!

Hang in there with school. I don't know how you do it with 4 kids and a hubby!

Trooper Thorn said...

Watch out for the Third Strike.

Anastasia said...

Strange!!! I am glad you are okay. :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

being bald has its advantages!!!!

Ummmmjust for future reference don't use those appliances in the tub or shower!

ModernMommy said...

Ewe I hate statistics. I got an F the first time I took it, a C the second, and an A the third time but only because the teacher basically gave us all the test answers.
Maybe I should have done 4 hours of homework every week and I would have passed it the first time.
Good luck!



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