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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Regrets and a Car Crashes INTO My Daughter's Daycare.....Seriously.

I keep seeing this status setting on Facebook and around other places on the net and I am just saying right here and now officially that I DISAGREE with this statement in such a way that it makes me laugh and or roll my eyes in displeasure when I read it. When someone says something along the lines of "Never regret anything you've done, it's made you who you are today, or don't live life with regrets or any other random way of putting the exact same statement. No regrets? Seriously. How can you change or become who you are now without first regretting mistakes you have made? I have regrets. Do I live each day thinking Oh man I regret that. No I don't....but I have regrets. There are things I wish I had done differently. That is a regret and it is not a bad thing. I think being able to regret our poor decisions is a good thing. It shows we have a conscience. It shows that we are human and capable of change. If you never regretted anything imagine the horrible things you could do! No this statement to me is very naive. You can have regrets but you have to move on and grow and learn from it....but you still have regrets.

As for the daycare? Well I drove up yesterday and saw what you see in this picture. It looks so much worse in person. Someone says their brakes went out and they went up and over the curb and hit the building. It was luckily into an office and not a room for the kids. No one was hurt thank God. I can imagine it was quite an ordeal. I am terrified to think someone was flying through that parking lot so fast not being able to stop. There is no way they could have gotten parked in that direction to fly into the building like that in my opinion. There are cars all the way around without much room to turn......I don't get how the person did this but I am very relieved my Gabbi was NOT there when it happened! I took the pic from inside my van so you're seeing the dashboard then the wall of the daycare, just to clarify for you.


Michelle said...

As for the "no regrets" I agree 100%. I feel like rolling my eyes or say to myself "yea right" when ever I hear someone say that. I definitely have some regets in my life and I'm not afraid to admitt them, but I don't dwell on them.

As for the I would have paniced if I was a parent of a child there. Thank goodness it wasn't where the children were.

Now off to send you a facebook request

Quadmama said...

I think what people mean to say is they don't regret the lessons they learned from their mistakes. Or maybe they're all just living in denial about their mistakes LOL As for the daycare situation... OMG! I would have been so upset to see that at my daughters' preschool.

Donald Swarbrick said...

Some folk are destined to have a life with never a dull moment. You seem to be one of them. I hope the rest of your experiences are happy ones you deserve it.

Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

Sometimes it's just scary to let your kids outta the house! Yikes!

Love the "no regret" segment of this post!

The Constant Complainer said...

Sandi, I apologize for being MIA for the last two weeks. Was traveling for work. I am catching up on some of your posts as we speak.

I agree with you about the no regrets philosophy. Me - I have a lot of regrets. LOL. But I learned from them.

That is horrible to imagine that someone was speeding through the daycare parking lot. Very scary.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

I agree spot on about "No Regrets." I know there are many things in my life I look back on with regret.

As for the day care, OMWord Sandi!! Is this the very same daycare that gave Gabbi the dairy product?

Not a very good record huh? BTW, I am working today to use the Adgetize system just like EC.

I am stopping and reading as I go instead of just zipping through my 100 drops for the day.

Surprisingly, I am finding a great many of my friends within the system.

So I stopped and read today. I am very happy Gabbi was not there and no one hurt!


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