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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Doing This ONE More Time!

I put up the link for the face of e.l.f modeling contest. It worked for a short while then I clicked a link and messed the whole thing up. You may have noticed you could no longer find my pic there. I still do not know for sure WHY that happened. Anyway I decided to just delete the old account and start from scratch so please go there and vote for me! If you already voted please do it again as this is a new account. I could win a vacation. I think it would just be fun to see how many votes I can get too! I'll post updates here regularly to see how many votes I have earned. Posted here is the main pic I am using there. There are a few more on that site so go vote!!! Share the link and most of all thank you thank you thank you!!! You vote once every day!!!


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