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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a Tease!

The weather I mean! It was not bad temp wise today. The wind however was very strong and more annoying than anything. They called for no rain but guess what? A major storm is making it's way through. Oh well. I love lightening and thunder. I have always enjoyed storms. I love the way they smell on a hot summer day.

So who has seen Susan Boyle perform on Britain's Got Talent? Well she is being posted everywhere. I was pleasantly surprised by her voice. I wasn't surprised because she is unattractive. Rather I was surprised because she had a beautiful voice period. It's not often you have the pleasure of hearing such a sweet voice. She doesn't have a rock star or pop star voice by any means. She's more of a Broadway show type of voice. I am disappointed by the looks the audience gave her. I am saddened that everyone is so cruel to judge a person's musical ability based solely on looks. I mean, seriously. Let's start the list of hot singers out there who are famous only BECAUSE of their looks and not their singing ability. I could name a few...but I won't. Do I think she'll be super famous and cut all kinds of record deals? No. Not really. I think she may have a better future for her now then she would have prior to the show. I think it will involve music. However I do believe her career will probably be more in musicals like Broadway which is awesome. I wouldn't be complaining! We'll see. Only time will tell but I am rooting for her.


Anonymous said...


I think that you are correct when you state that about the storms in summer months are they make their way through an area of land. The scent of moisture and clay in the dirt mixed with the wild smell of green land is definitely and experience enjoyed by us the live humans.

I respect what you said about the singer, and I am glad there are people like you to care and post this about someone like her. Althought I don't think for a minute she lets any of those aspect affect her, you either can or cannot sing....LOL

take care....

ChocDrop said...

It is sad that our society is so focused on the outer vs. the inner beauty.

I have been ridiculed all my life for the outer me than the fantastic inner me.

C. Louis Wolfe said...

Yeah- the weather here in NJ has been like that, & now they say it will be in the 80's on Sunday which is good 'cause my band is playing at an outdoor festival-yikes! I hope your weather is nice as well!

I actually wrote about that woman on my blog, & I agree w/your thoughts.

I very much enjoyed looking at your blog & admire your strength, fortitude, & will.

Be well.

Bill said...

that is so true Sandi people tend to look at the outside so much and hear what is on the inside. I have not heard her sing but from you say here so cant be that bad.

Anonymous said...

I hope she hits it outta the park.

It is sad that her looks play a part. But looks and presentation play a role every minute of every day.

Melissa said...

She has a beautiful voice, and it is a shame that society judges someone just by their looks, before they even open their mouth to speak, or sing in her case.

Leo Mar said...

I watched Susan Boyle's performance and she really has a beautiful voice. Sadly, people oftentimes judge a book by its cover.


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