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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nothing Quite Like a Margarita

Yes, I love margaritas. I am no lush by any means but I do occasionally sit here and think about how tasty one sounds. It's only 9:56 a.m. so I guess today that is kinda bad. haha Actually I am thinking of the 25th when my sister's boss is celebrating her birthday out on the town. She's invited me and my hubby to go along. So I am pretty excited about getting out and having a good time. It seems all the invitations always come in at once though. We were invited to another get together that night but personally I like this one better. There will be women who are my friends at this one. The other one will be mostly guys and maybe some spouses or girlfriends I don't know well. The choice is obvious for me. We'll be cranking out a little karaoke on the town but won't stay in one place for too long. I am dreaming of the margaritas I'll have that night. We're going to a restaurant that I know has really good ones. So I am kind of anxious especially after the weekend I had. The sickness seems to have passed though and I've gotten a couple of decent night's sleep. I am on my way back to sanity....for a little while anyway.

If you read my blog, you know I enjoy singing. So does my sister. So we have fun when we go out to do karaoke! She has a band now and her hubby does drums, guitar, and some singing too in another band, and theirs together. Here is a bit of her and the hubby singing a couple of Christmas's ago. They are just singing some tunes after dinner I think. haha

Call me when you're sober and Not ready to make nice


Anonymous said...

Wow. I couldn't listen, being undercover and all but shes very pretty!

Drink a few of those margaritas for me!

SLColman said...

Sounds like you are going to have a fantastic time out on the town :)

ChocDrop said...

OMG, you and your sister need to start a group. You two have amazing voices.

Wow, going out with friends. That always sounds good. Have a great time and enjoy for me.

Isabella said...

Mmm...margaritas. That sounds really good right now. Margaritas always make me think of summer. :)

Bill said...

I like Margarita also they taste so good. Hey Sandi i have a favor to ask. Can i borrow the Hot Momma award? I have a few ladies i will like to give that to. I also have you on my new friends page come check it out. Have a good one friend.

Mama said...

it's ok to want margaritas before noon, as long as you pretend you are in mexico.

margaritas remind me of my baby shower because I made my sister make them. I just wanted my shower to be unique and not boring. Of course I could not have one though =(

liza said...

I like margaritas too, especially when it's frozen, perfect for our very hot weather. Hope you have a terrific karaoke and margarita night with your friends. :)

Mee2 said...

I love a margarita too. Frozen with lots of salt, please! Your sister sings amazing. Love it. You sing just as good. I remember seeing one of your videos somewhere. Very talented. :o)

Dina said...

oh i think about margaritas, mojitos, wine at 9 in the morning too


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