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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tired and in Need of a Vacation!

I need a vacation seriously. I don't mean a sweet vacation away with the family. I'm needing one all by myself. I need to just breathe easy for a bit. I have had a lot of stress in my life in the past couple of years. A human being really can only withstand so much. I mean on the outside, for the most part things look fine. They always do...and most likely always will. Inside however I just want to run screaming down the street. So I am imagining a deserted beach, warm sun, crashing waves....mmmmmmmm. Yes. I can see it now. This is why I loved Yoga class. We had to basically imagine something like that at the end of every class. It was my favorite part of class and it helped alleviate a lot of the stress I had. I am intentionally trying to take a few deep breaths whenever I start to let something worry me, or stress me out. I try to not let it take hold of me because once I start to let it, it only gets worse.

Those who know me know what most of my stress is. Sickness, children, job. There is more that I don't even discuss. So I need some tips for dealing with stress. I think I want to join a gym. When I was in my fitness class in 2005 and Yoga I felt so much better. I do believe exercise,though not a cure for stress, does absolutely help to release it in a better way.


Barry said...

Sometimes you just need to be by yourself. Now I am not advertising anything - but dessert is stressed spelled backwards - hmmmm

Kerslyn said...

we really will come to a point of being burned out and a "ME" time away from the stressors is the best thing that you can give yourself to keep your sanity.

Bombchell said...

hmm maybe I should consider yoga

Bill said...

I think exercise is good and also blogging helps me to vent or just relax. Everybody needs a little time to them self even if it is just a couple of ours doing what you like. I hope you get feeling better dear friend. ^_^


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