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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At Least the Snow is Melting

We had more snow this past weekend. It seems like some cruel joke when we have snow in April. Such is the weather in Illinois though. It's pretty much expected to have a few flakes in April. At least it is for me anyway. We had a pretty good coating this weekend. Last weekend we had a whole lot of it. I saw no less than 5 cars in the ditch on my way to the theater. I realized it was probably a mistake to be going but it was too late to turn around. By the time I headed home it was already melting. I am very ready for summer weather. I think perhaps I am just old enough that I don't care if I see snow anymore. I have pretty much been there, done that, got the t-shirt. haha I have seen enough enough winters to last a lifetime. I think I need to move to Florida.


ChocDrop said...

Oh I so agree. I hate when the temp is 70 one day and 30 the next. Either give me the cold or stop already.
I want the 70 degree weather so I can sit out back on my deck and veg in the fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Come on down we'd love to have you!

Though it was 30's today and sposed to be tonight also!

letters2V said...

I'm tired of the snow too. Florida? I'm afraid of hurricane season...Arizona's beautiful!

Isabella said...

I hear ya (on moving to Florida)! I'm in the Milwaukee area and I'm SO ready for spring.

(Hi, by the way. Randomly fell on this blog. Hope you don't mind...I enjoy reading your posts).

Sandi said...

Glad you found my blog Isabella! I love new readers and especially commenters. Milwaukee is pretty much the same weather as us here so you totally know what I mean. And to letters2V I am not so terrified of the hurricanes...but then again I have never dealt with it. I have however dealt with tornado season. Probably not quite the same though. I just love the ocean. I could live by it. I think I'd love it.

prettyfirefly said...

Two words:
Im from the philippines it's supposed to be summer here but there times when it rains.
It's really weird and scary at the same time

prettyfirefly said...

by the way I love your headshot!
Is it our hair or that lovely smile of yours?
have a good one Sandi!

SLColman said...

I agree I am so over the snow!!

Jude said...

I was very surprised to see a few snow flakes here in PA yesterday, very strange weather we're having. I'm afraid to plant anything.

prettyfirefly said...

Hi there! jsut drtoppin by

prettyfirefly said...

hoope you'll pay me as visit as well


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