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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Sunshine Today and a Giveaway

We finally got our sunshine. It's shining brightly today. I love it. I am so ready to enjoy a warm summer. I have been reading other blogs and I see that in some places it's sweltering. I had no idea really that it was already so hot in some areas. It just seems here we can't get a series of nice warm days. We have one or two then it gets cold again. I am holding out hope that some warm weather will be here to stay now.

What I need to do is go fishing with my dad again this year. Yes I actually like to fish. I may be a girly girl in some ways but I have no fear of getting outdoors on occasion. Fishing is one of the things I grew up doing and it's kind of in my blood. My dad is a major outdoors man and my grandfather was too. Actually most of the males in my family are. My dad however rarely spends a day of his retirement NOT fishing. Last year I went out with him. It brought back memories. I saw a couple of water moccasins out there swimming along the top of the water. As long as they stay away from me I don't mind. I took my girls out that day too. They love fishing as well. Unfortunately for them after we had caught a whole lot of bluegill and strung them up on the dock we were fishing off of, a turtle swam up and stole them. Yes, somehow he managed to swim away with the whole line of fish. Funny stuff!! I had a good sunburn going on for awhile too. I forgot my sunscreen that day. That was a big mistake.

Enough reminiscing for now. I want to let all my readers here know that I am holding my first giveaway on my other blog Pregnant With Cancer. Entering is really simple. There is the chance to get TWO entries into the contest as well so please stop by! There aren't many entries yet.

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Anonymous said...

glad you got some sunshine.
Its hot down here. It's always hot down here.

Melissa said...

I went fishing once lol. It was way to boring for me. I can sit in the sun, and read though, and leave all that worm stuff to someone else.

vixen kitten said...

Glad you got some sunshine. We finally did here too. This was the year of the never ending winter!

Sage sent me, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. When he talks, I listen. :)

Hope your day is beautiful.


SLColman said...

I grew up fishing with my Dad too. It is something that I miss a lot now that I don't live close to them.

Glad to hear that you got some sunshine today. We did yesterday and the day before but today is windy, overcast and colder again :(

Lynn said...

I like fishing, too. Haven't been in years but hopefully this summer we can at least make one trip.


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