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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Weekend

I admit this year I don't really have any plans at all for Easter. I always attended church as a child. I am a Christian though I don't really attend church all that often these days. I feel like I should sometimes because regardless of what you believe it is a good family thing to do. My grandfather was a Baptist minister. Yes that's right...and now my uncle is pastor of that church. I stopped going years ago for many reasons. One being my husband was on the road traveling. I felt like all I did was sit in those pews babysitting my kids, trying to keep them behaved and quiet. Or I ended up in the nursery doing the same thing. It was boring and a pain. I felt like I could watch my kids at home...and at least there they could be loud. I got tired of it and slowly fell out. Regardless I do acknowledge Easter and all that it stands for. I also respect what all my readers believe. I have grown and I think that religion can be good but it can also be bad in the wrong hands. I think we have all learned that in the past few years. Intolerance breeds hate and that's never good. Or at least that's what my own life experience has taught me.


ChocDrop said...

I have not settled on any religous beliefs. Used to go to church on Easter, but not for the right reasons. So we filled it up this year with the grandkids. Coloring eggs, egg hunt, lots of candy..hee hee
It's been fun and the kids had a blast.

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Tita Beng said...

We share the same views. I use to attend Christian Church but not anymore today. So many pros and cons for me!

Happy Easter to you anyway!

Mharms said...

Have a blessed Easter!

Mrs. V.V.Palarca said...

I'm a Christian and currently active in church but you know what I do agree with you... Religion is good but it can be bad in the hands of wrong people. I'm not into "religion" because religion is about rituals and rules that can oftentimes be misunderstood and misuse. That's why I go for FAITH because it's about our RELATIONSHIP with God. And relationships don't need rituals and rules... it's all about LOVE... and LOVE is all about being saved by grace. God understands why it has become difficult for you to bring your kids to church. You can still have FAITH even if you don't literally go to "church". Our faith, hope and love is all inside our soul. :-) HAPPY EASTER!

Anonymous said...

I hope you Easter was good.

Most anything can be good or bad depending on its application.


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