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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away and Grilling

It has been raining and raining around this area now since I think late Saturday. Before that we had sunshine off and on but it just never stuck around. April teased us with a few snow showers and of course it all melted into a big pile of slush. It seems the ground will never be firm again. It's just going to stay a big huge mud pie in my back yard forever I think.

Ok. I am being dramatic but hey I am so ready for sunshine I cannot stand it. I want to get out the tank tops and flip flops for good. I want to quit digging my winter coat back out. It's wet, rainy and colder out there again today. I am hoping for this 80 degree weather they are predicting for Friday. I won't hold my breath. I am still hoping though!

As for grilling, well we've been doing it a whole lot lately. Rain and all, it doesn't matter. We pull the grill just outside the garage and we've done everything from steaks, brats to hotdogs, hamburgers and potatoes. I just love cooking on the grill. It's such a sign of summer and quite frankly it's my way of saying to the rain I could care less! I will grill anyway. haha There is nothing quite like a delicious meal cooked on the grill. It's a symbol of summer time to me. I long for it over the winter. It also brings family and friends together too. I need to find some new and interesting ideas for the grill. I love getting a little crazy.


vasudev chawala said...

very good . dont worry ur best writor in the world

Cameron said...

I hear ya. It's supposed to start warming up after today.

We've been doing our fair share of grilling out as well, burgers, swordfish (for the wife, blech) and I've smoked a couple racks of ribs the other day, yummmmmmmy.

PJ said...

it was a hot one here yesterday, reach the 3 digit mark. thank goodness for the pool.

Anonymous said...

don't let the rain getcha down!

Isabella said...

Same here! Can't wait for it to warm up...and stay that way.

Grill idea? Try putting slices of polenta on the grill (we then place grilled chicken and a basil oil over it). Delicious!


ChocDrop said...

I agree, this rain needs to move on to the coast..
I am so ready for a good grilled burger and ribs...mmmmm

We have a big smoker, so I have been patient at waiting for the nicer weather...But I think this weekend is going to be it.

Mike J said...

Try wrapping shrimp and/or asparagus in bacon, throw it on the grill fairly briefly. yum!

AdviceMaven said...

We've lived in the rainiest parts of the country and now we're in one of the sunniest parts. We grill no matter what, because I agree that it just feels like summer when you grill (plus it's a great way to get the guy to share in the cooking).

Bill said...

You now what they say Sandi.April showers bring May flowers LOL

BK said...

Rain will go away ... eventually.

There is no stopping the grilling! :)

SLColman said...

I love food on the grill!! I have some super side things that we do on the grill.

I will go post them on The Dairy-Free Diva right now for you!

Oh and be sure to look for my Char Sui Chicken recipe on there as it is awesome grill food!! :)

Sorry about all the rain :(


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