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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anything But Swine Flu

Seriously I cannot take anymore. I am worried about the chance of a pandemic. I am concerned about catching a serious illness but more so that my children will but how much stress and worry can one take? I think though we should be prepared we can't sit and read every single piece of news that comes out about it. I check homepage pretty often. It's my source of news for the most part and it almost always has a headline splashed across the page about how horrible this flu is. I absolutely do believe it's an issue and I also feel precautions need to be taken such as no unnecessary travel to Mexico for crying out loud! It's not just your own life you are risking but any of those you come into contact with later. But I just want to read something happy ok? I want to look at some GOOD news and I want to see good things happen. Just for awhile? Is it too much to ask?


Anonymous said...

well either the government doesn't think its a real threat. OR they are a bumbling bunch of idiots.

Where I stand is pretty clear on them though.

I don't think it will be a world wide deal, hmmm I don't know where you live but if it isn't a border state, near the border I wouldn't sweat it to much yet.

The Constant Complainer said...

Southern Sage, I disagree actually. I live in Ohio and in the actual town where I reside, a nine-year-old boy was just diagnosed. It was the first in Ohio and although he did just get back from Mexico, it shows how any of us could be impacted. They shut the school down for a week... I heard there may be two more reported cases in our county as of this evening.

Damn, I have enough to worry about. I don't need this too!!!!!!!

Femmepower said...

We can do our share of precautions by regular hand washing,avoiding close contact with sick people,etc. Of course it's not enough to fight swine flu but it's better to be vigilant this way.i wish the vaccines will be manufactured and distributed soon.

BK said...

It will get better. Right now the thing we need to do is to watch our healths. Give our immune system a good boost. Extreme worrying can cause one to be stressful and may decrease our immune system. So we need to relax and just go out of the house to take a walk in the park. Just stay alert and not worry.

ChocDrop said...

I do hate that they have blown this up so much. Have you heard any of the statistics about the regular flu, those numbers scare me even more???

Bart Tolina said...

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plin said...

I think the problem is regarding whether people have the immune system for it.

But to put things in perspective, hundreds of thousands people get sick from regular flu every year and tens of thousands of people die from it. So in compare to regular flu, the number of cases for Swine flu is actually not as worrisome as some of the news portrayed.

I share your concerns regarding kids. I actually debated whether to pull my child out of daycare, which is the epicenter of germs. But I eventually decide against it as I still prefer my kids to have interaction with other kids.

Melissa said...

I agree, we need to be concerned, vigilant, and smart. I hope they can contain this, because I think it can be a huge problem for poor countries, uninsured here in this country, those who are immunocompromised, and the homeless. I hope they are going to be willing to pass out Tamiflu for free to homeless, and uninsured. This could be a crisis on the economy, and already hurting families. I hope it just goes away, or stays contained just like a regular flu season.

twinks said...

Let us just pray that it will get better soon. All we can do is be more extra careful when it comes to our health and especially where the kids are involve. As a mother, I do share your sentiments about it. Let us just be positive about it.

Nigel said...

It's pretty bad really. But I guess they have to get the information out there, because if they don't and things get out of control, everyone will say they didn't do enough.

The bottom line though, many things lead to these problems.

1) going to work when you're sick, because you're afraid of losing your job

2) people really do not wash their hands. I can't tell you how many times I've been to the washroom and some nasty individuals don't even pretend to wash their hands after a number 1 or a number 2.

Being a Canadian, I went through the SARS situation and that was a mess, let's hope this doesn't get anywhere close to that level.


Sir Jorge said...

the problem is Americans are easily scared because they stop reading and learning past 12th grade. It's sad really.

Why live in fear?

Oh right, because the media is in control, not us.

Sandi said...

Sir Jorge I get a little nervous because I have children. Honestly if I didn't I wouldn't worry at all. The media does push this down our throats...not to mention the CDC. It really isn't just media. But I don't think we all stop learning after 12th grade. Maybe SOME do...but certainly not all.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Nope, its not too much to ask for us to hear some good news for a change! Actually I have felt for quite awhile now that when people are sick they should stay home and take care of themselves and recover before returning to work or school rather than take a pill and push on. Our bodies are trying to tell us something when we get sick - slow down, take care of yourself, etc. Maybe something of this magnitude might change the way we view caring for ourselves and our families when we get sick.

Bill said...

i understand you being nervous Sandi we have kids also. All we can do is try and have good hygiene and stay away from people we think are sick. If we get sick try and go to doctor as soon as possible. From what i hear the bug only stays around a couple of days.


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