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Thursday, April 2, 2009

According to My Junk E-mail

I was going through all the junk e-mail I get. According to this e-mail I not only need to "lose weight fast" with this Acai Berry or whatever it's called, I also need Viagra and a penile enlargement, my e-mail has won some national lottery so I am rich now. Yes...isn't it wonderful? Let's see here...Oh....yes wow....$75 to complete a survey. That has to be one really long survey! Ha! Apparently according to my junk e-mail I need a date desperately as well. I should join all these dating sites or answer one of these e-mails from some chick who thinks I'm cute and thinks we've chatted before. If I get another e-mail from this Reunion site stating someone searched for me I might start thinking I'm special.


Da Old Man said...

I keep getting the one that someone (an old friend, and implying a lost love) is searching for me. Like they couldn't look in the phone book to get my number.

Meaghan said...

too funny!

Anonymous said...

me too!
I'm kinda getting a complex about my ummmmm physique in a certain location! How does every know? Sheeeesh.
And me too, I'm fat (that I did know) and my septic tank needs cleaning (I think they are saying I'm full of it) The same folks must be hunting me too cause I get those reunion mails too.

The Constant Complainer said...

I hear you! If I get one more Acai berry, Viagra or Nigerian lottery one, I'm going to loose it!!! LOL. Apparently I have won the lottery three times there this week. All I need to do is send $5,000 to collect!!! Hehe.

ChocDrop said...

I know, and who is that Acai Berry person anyway? Don't they think I would remember their name and most importantly....they would know that my penis that needs to be enlarged can't be since I am a female since birth.

Christine said...

Kuckily I have a great filteron my email, and very rarely does that stuff come through.....what a pain

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

LOL! I know! If I get another email about Viagra...enough already! lol

Wiggy said...

We get thousands of them emails to all our work email accounts. Some of them are quite humourous, and I'll take the time to read, others just get deleted (the few that get through our spam filters

SLColman said...

Junk mail can really be funny sometimes!
- Stephanie @


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