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Friday, April 24, 2009

Now She's Not Ugly Enough???

This whole Susan Boyle thing has me pretty steamed. (Yes...I totally just said steamed.) Just the whole idea that people assume a less than attractive person cannot sing is simply idiotic and ignorant. You don't have to be a hot babe to have real talent. I guess I have just never been one to look at a person and say "Oh, they won't be able to sing." Honestly I wouldn't have cared if she came out there and stunk. If she had totally sucked and sung off key I would have still cringed at everyone in the audience making fun of her. How cruel? What are these people? High school kids? It's insane.

Now Miss Boyle got a makeover! Good for her! Wouldn't you if the whole topic of conversation around the world was "Wow I can't believe she can sing because she is so ugly!" Yeah I think I'd want a makeover too. After all, we are ONLY human and words do in fact hurt. Now I am reading that her new look may cost her the competition.....WHAT?? So, now she is not UGLY enough? Seriously. These are not talent shows then. She needs to win based on her talent and we need to take her looks however they are. We need to quit judging a person's singing ability based on appearance. I like looking at a hot person as much as the next! Woman or man by the way. I appreciate a nice looking person. But I don't judge a person's TALENT based on appearance. That has nothing to do with it. So here is Susan Boyle after her makeover. Not too bad I don't think. Still not babe material but certainly an improvement.


Beth said...

Yes, it's sad that we judge the person by the looks.

Rebecca said...

Great post! I agree! I wonder how many amazingly talented people have been dismissed because they don't look like slutty babes. It is a crying shame.

Laura said...

I like her new look, she looks sophisticated. Like you, I did not care for the way the audience treated her. That was plain cruel.

Kate Burton said...

Hey, I'm just glad she doesn't look like Joan Rivers!

Shelly said...

The new look is fine but just makes her blend in with everyone else. I was irked at the audition and could not believe the immaturity of the judges as well. They should be ashamed.

Melissa said...

It is a bit absurd. We all loved here for being her, and they went and made her change. I hope she does not lose because of it.

Andy Koehn said...

Amen to this! What a world we live in. Judgment, judgment, judgment. Got 2 posts for you to read that relate I think.

Thanks for your great work!


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