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Monday, April 27, 2009

Casual Observations

Men amuse me. Yes...they amuse me. Why? Well I have noticed something as I get older. I have noticed that men are very quick to judge women and how they change as they get older. Men may complain that their wife's thighs got a little thicker or her butt got a little rounder. Men start acting sad as they stare at the pretty young thing walking down the street. You know what they do not realize? I think they do not see that they themselves have less hair up top then they do sprouting out their ears and on their butts now. I think they don't see the beer gut that's bulging out over their jeans. They look in the mirror and see what the pic here shows. Or that's my casual observation anyway.

I guess I am lucky in some ways. I woke up after I had kids and realized "Hey, this weight is not coming off on it's own." Crap! So I dieted. I exercised. I admit there were times I probably went too far. I tried the lowfat, lowcarb, low EVERYTHING that is good diet. Finally I just realized you watch portion size and how often you snack and allow yourself certain foods. Basically if I eat an ice cream sundae today, I won't again for a week. You can't do that every day and expect your rear to not get a few dimples. Sorry. It will happen. I also went back to college, got involved in Yoga and fitness classes. I haven't really had trouble keeping my weight down in a long time.

Anyway, I drifted away from my point. My point is women are so harshly judged yet many (certainly not all) men think they are just the hottest thing to hit the pavement. They buy the fancy convertible and the toupee flies in the wind. They don't care. They still think they are hot. And they think they deserve more. I just find it so amusing.

I have to state clearly my husband is NOT this way. He has never once in my marriage or relationship thought my body was anything but sexy. He's awesome that way. haha But I do see it. I see it in other women often. I see the sadness when their hubby teases them about getting a little thicker with age. They honestly don't always put it that nicely either. It makes me cringe. Women are already so sensitive about their bodies, who needs someone there to constantly remind you??


SLColman said...

I agree that men just don't see how they truly look!!

ChocDrop said...

This is so true. I am lucky that my husband wanted a larger woman and he got

I only may worry when I lose weight and I get to small...but who knows....

Anonymous said...

So I'm not really super duper sexy??
My mirror has been lying to me?

I always seem to see my bride as she was at 17, before kids and such.

I do see the guys you are talking about!

Sandi said...

Yeah I definitely see great hubby's out there too! I most certainly do not think all guys are like this. I have just seen a few here and there are plenty of them online....I think they talk big and hide behind a computer. haha

MamaFlo said...

My observation is that men are much more vain than women (most of them at least).
I think women are really hard on themselves and other women are really tough on other women.

Wiggy said...

I've found the older I'm getting (29 now) The more I'm finding myself going to the gym!

52 Faces said...

First of all, your body IS sexy and you look skinny as hell.

And yes, they did a study a while ago and discovered that women saw themselves fatter than they were, while men thought themselves thinner and more attractive than in actuality. sigh.

Melissa said...

I think someone forgot to tell you that men are Gods gift to women lol. I never could understand this myself. Men get fat, and frumpy and they are hot. Women get fat, and frumpy, and they are fat, and frumpy. A bit of a double standard.

Angelika said...

First, when I clicked to comment, some popup ad opened up. Has anyone else said anything about it to you?

I see a lot of women putting up with whatever a man dishes out just to have "a man". It's not just about weight.

Slyde said...

i couldnt agree with you more...

which im sure would make the people who read my blog laugh since i'm always talking like the men you described (not knocking the wife, just talking myself up alot), but at least my readers know im doing it as a satire :)

Shu Fen said...

so true!

i think guys are just blinded by their humongous egos xD

Pinay Freelancer said...

I should tweet this post. :)

This is really something that men should realize. They should check on the changes happening to their body even before being very particular with the wife's (physical) changes. :)

Have a great day!

Angelika said...

It was probably something I accidentally clicked?

I don't remember what the ad was for, I closed it as soon as it popped up to avoid a pornado, LOL.

If it was just me that said something, it was my fault/brain fart. Just wanted to know if I was the only one.

Thanks for getting back to me! :-)

Andy Koehn said...

Hey...I'm glad I'm not too hard on myself! I think it's called denial.(Acceptance maybe?) Not the worst way to live sometimes. (I recommend wearing's much easier than hauling your butt out of bed at 5:30 in the morning...)

Amorous Rocker said...

I giggled at this post, it's so true. =)

Luckily, I have one of those guys who realizes his body isn't perfect and hasn't ever given me anything but compliments and kind words on mine. I'd smack the heck out of him for insulting me. I insult my own looks enough, I don't need his help, lol.

sexy legs and body said...

I do agree with you, I have heard some guys do that to their women, and I think it stinks, specially if they are no oil paintings either. I think my blog says it all, it also states clearly how I feel about my wife. To me, she is nothing but sexy and pretty, even though she doesnt think so, and not even Megan Fox, one of my favorites, is in my opinion more sexy than she is. Myself, women dont look at me twice, so I guess I am blessed to have her. Great post you have here!

orem auto body and paint said...

This is so true! Guys are immune to their aging. They still think that they are young and good looking


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