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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vacation Photos

I took a holy ton of pics from my vacation. I didn't get the link up yesterday. I was just too busy cleaning and getting the house in order after such a long time away. We had a great trip and really loved seeing my inlaw's. It was my father in law's 60th birthday. The little cocker spaniel is their baby now that their sons are all raised. My hubby has twin brothers too. You'll notice that in the pics as well. They all say they don't look alike but I still can't tell them apart after all these years. I have been in that family since 1993!!! Seems like an eternity. I was just 17 at the time. The twins were 11. They are now 26. It's crazy to me. Enjoy the pics.


Josie said...

Great photos! Your vacation looks like it was wonderful! Found you through some blog listing site. Super blog!


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