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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Karaoke Anyone?

I love to sing and well, karaoke is the closest thing I have to getting an audience. haha I do love to get up there and belt out a tune or too. I am considering going out tonight. I might just have to give my sister a call! Anyone who has read any of my blogs for any small amount of time is aware of my love of singing but for those who haven't known or see one of my videos, well, here you go! :)

Click this Link to Hear And See Me Sing


bob said...

karaoke's a common sight here in our place especially at family gatherings or birthdays. :D

Frank Sinatra's My Way killed a lot of karaoke singers here. Literally. You might be interested asking why. :)

Samurai_Daddy said...

not bad...not bad at all! How old are you anyway?...a little choreo and you'd be in for the American Idol...LOL. Best regards.

Sandi said...

ohI am too old for American Ido. haha! But thanks so much. I missed it by just a few years. I think the limit is 28...and I'm 33. Eeeeek! Anyway. =/ Thank you so much for the compliment!


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