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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do You Support Your Local Bands?

*edited the links to the myspace pages, so they should work now. Please let me know if they do not!

Well...I do. But I am totally biased. There are two local bands around here. I have heard one so many times I have lost count. They are called Short Lived Fun. It's always a lot of fun when I go out and see them. The other band, Zero Gravity is good but I haven't seen them publicly yet. I am going out tonight to see them AND Short Lived Fun play. You might ask how I know Zero Gravity is good if I haven't yet heard them publicly. Well, the singer is my sister! So of course I know she's a wonderful singer. She's awesome and I cannot wait to hear her tonight. The band is fairly new so I am pretty excited about going out to hear them.

The other band, Short Lived Fun is really good. They have been around for awhile and always bring in a large crowd. My brother in law is the drummer. I always told him he looks a bit like Tommy Lee. Throw in the fact that he's a drummer and it's a done deal. lol So check these bands out on myspace if you are interested. Click the links or the pics!

My brother in law is in both bands. He is drummer in one, guitar player in the other and does some singing too. I am going to have a great time tonight. I'd love to see them get some new fans on Myspace or even locally so check them out! There is some serious talent in these bands! Mark, the singer for Short Lived Fun is awesome. The guitar players are unbelievable and always put on a great show.

Now I have to do this. I am telling you my brother in law resembles Tommy Lee minus all the tattoos. Younger too. ;) haha Anyway he dressed up as Tommy Lee for Halloween. Do you think I am imagining it?

oh and those tattoos aren't real. haha Those were for affect. The bumblebee is my sister. :)


Casey Brown-Myers said...

It appears that good looks run in the family!

Frye said...

I needed more people like you around my area a couple of years ago when I was in a band. It was crazy hard getting people to show up!

I just moved here but I don't support local music enough. I need to get on that and maybe start another group of my own. I miss it.

Bill said...

dont have any locals that i support here but if they was i think i would.

shaka said...

I do! I was heavily involved in the local hardcore scene back home!


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