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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sisters and Best Friends

I have four, yes, count them four sisters. My life is one of those complicated confusing ones if you look at all the details because well, all but one of those sisters are half sisters. Now, I do not see them that way. To me, they are all just my sisters. But, technically I have one sister who shares the same mom and dad. Then I have two sisters who share same dad, different mom. And last but not least I have a sister who shares the same mom, different dad. Got all that? It's not all that hard really. My dad married when he was quite young. My mom was just 16. They had my sister Donna, then me. They divorced before I was 2 and he married my step mom. They had two children, Cindi and Vanessa. During this time frame my birth mom had a daughter Aimee. So....if you got all that I pat you on the back. haha This is my family. My dad and step mom have been all that I knew as parents though. I don't remember my real mom being married to my dad. It's a weird thought to me really. of those ewwww things. My sisters are my best friends though. My oldest is a very kind, loving, protective sort. My younger sister Cindi is most like me. We pretty much hang out together and enjoy doing the same things including singing. Check out Zero Gravity on myspace. Well...I am sure she's not the only band by that name but she's on there. Singing kind of runs in the family. I do come from a massive family. My dad had 7 brothers and 8 sisters. This was before TV shows were invented to declare this such a HUGE deal. I mean, I guess I don't find these shows with the huge families all that fascinating. That's kind of my life and I don't really find it all that shocking. I wouldn't ever want that many kids! Ha! OK. Pics for your viewing pleasure.

My sister Donna, Me and Cindi

Cindi and I singing together

I feel awful but on village photos I don't have any pics of my sister Vanessa (baby sis) and my sister Aimee. I'll find some of those on my computer later. :)


On The Verge said...

You are all beautiful!

Sandi said...

Thank you very much. :)

Jackie said...

How wonderful to have so many sisters, being an only child I always wondered what it would be like and got quite cross with kids that always complained about their sisters or brothers.

Raven said...

My daughters are half sisters, but don't think of it that way. At this point they fight constantly and most days hate each other (but then, they are teenagers that share a room so maybe that's to be expected) but I hope that someday they will be close like you and your sisters.

Emily Retherford said...

Great pictures! I only have 1 sister myself, I would have loved to have a big family like yours!

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