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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Made The Top Five I made a list that well made me laugh. I am not really that easily offended. I guess some people might be but eh, I just smile and am glad for the publicity. It had me wondering though how many people WOULD get mad. I think some just might. Or maybe they would be offended. Am I odd that it does not offend me? I don't think it matters. I tried to post this on myspace and I guess the link is so objectionable that they thought my account was hacked. They locked me out and made me change my password and would not send the message!!! Still I made a top five. Whether you think it's disgusting or not, I had to share. Again, I got a good chuckle.

Top 5...well....look for yourself. If you are NOT easily offended. The title of the blog may not be appropriate for work.


Jason said...

Just stopping by from that list and my first thought is why doesn't my wife doesn't have an "I Love Jason" blinky anywhere?

Congratulations on making the list!

Sandi said...

lol I actually made it myself online. She can just steal mine. haha :)


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