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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Late Night

I am thinking about going to bed. I tend to be a night person. I am not much of a morning person at all though I really have no choice in the matter. I'd much rather sleep in late. I was just cruising around YouTube, looking at various videos and I came across Jack Black singing the Tribute song. Now, I do love Jack Black. He is one talented guy really, though obviously pretty goofy. I was not really a fan of the movie Tenacious D. Just way too weird for me. The music was good as far as musical talent, good vocals but the constant cursing was like, ok...I get the point already. You know some bad words. I can say them too. haha I mean it doesn't bother me but when that becomes the whole entire song it gets to be just excessive. Regardless each time I hear him sing I am seriously impressed. The dude has skills. He can scat like no other. I mean in a strange yet really awesome way. There is no doubt he loves music. The Tribute to the Greatest Song in the World from the movie is pretty disgusting...but the video was kinda funny where they go into a karaoke booth and sing it. Anyway totally random thoughts tonight! Now...bedtime. :)



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