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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stupid Groundhog *grumble grumble*

I heard that groundhog got scared of his shadow and well frankly I'm a little upset with him. 6 more weeks of winter??? I have to blame it on someone! haha No, I am just sitting here cold. I am drinking my hot cup of coffee and covered in a blanket with my laptop on my lap. I am trying to get toasty here but still I have a chill. I am always cold. It's unfortunate because when everyone else is feeling great ready to go for a walk or to spend time outside I just want to get somewhere warm and toasty. I tend to have really cold toes and fingers too. I love summer. I cannot wait for some really warm weather. I love motorcycle riding in the summer on our Harley. I like riding on a crotch rocket as well. I love the zip and accuracy of it, but there is something about the roar of a Harley beneath me. I just love it. Many summers we get large groups of friends together with all different kinds of bikes and ride. I didn't get too much last year or 2007 because of health issues but I am sooooo ready to get back out again! That groundhog needs to be more assertive and tell his shadow he's not scared!!! Ha!


Shelly said...

6 more weeks of winter? We had 70+ weather yesterday and more to come tomorrow and Wednesday. It's a little tease before it gets cold again. I'll take it though


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