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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Admit it, I like Harry Potter

I have no shame in saying I love reading Harry Potter books. Let me clarify something here though. Long long ago, I read a magazine that was giving a book review for this brand new book called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I thought it looked kind of like a kid book, but I like anything with magic, fantasy, etc, so I though I'd read it and give my own opinion. I was sucked in immediately. I absolutely loved it. See I can relate to how I felt as a kid wishing I had some sort of magic powers. As an adult those dreams are sucked right out of you. I find nothing wrong with using the imagination a bit. I thought this was the ideal fantasy or daydream of any 11 year old! Who wouldn't want to find out one day they are a wizard and get to leave the horrid aunt and uncle who treat him like crap? Well, I just loved this idea. There were times I wished I could escape as a child too. Not long after I read the first book the whole thing became a giant craze. Everyone loved Harry Potter. It was huge and I didn't care. I knew I liked it because of my own opinion. It was not formed on the thoughts of others but my own. I like such a wide range of authors from John Grisham, Steven King, to Janette Oke!

The point of all this is I was strolling through Target last night and came upon the book above. I can't explain how giddy I was. I think maybe you can guess since I actually used the word "giddy". Yes, I admit it. I love Harry Potter and I fully intend on reading this book today. By the way, I have read the series 3 times!!!


Frye said...

You sound like my girlfriend when it comes to the Twilight series. She's on read through number 2. :-)

I did enjoy the whole HP series, not enough to read again but that's the way I am with Stephen King books. I own every one. :-/

Liza said...

I have enjoyed reading all the books too. :D

Stephanie said...

I love the series. I loved Twilight too if you haven't checked it out.


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