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Friday, February 20, 2009

Speaking of One Vs. The Other, How About Myspace or Facebook?

I have had both of them for years. I was a member of Myspace when it was nothing. It was boring. I never got a message. The only music was annoying loud single song files screaming at you unexpectedly because in those days it was not the norm. I can sometimes be annoyed by music on sites. I have come to expect it on myspace so it does not bother me so much anymore. Please though, don't put it on your blog. At least do not have it start automatically. I sit on my couch with my laptop dropping cards, or reading other blogs. My baby could be sleeping, or my family watching TV or something and suddenly there is screaming music coming from my laptop. The baby wakes up crying, my family is shooting me dirty looks as though I CHOSE to listen to loud, irritating music during the best part of their movie. Ha! No, it's best not to have it on your blog or I'll click off of it pretty much as fast as I can.

Anyway, I have had Facebook since 2005. I have had Myspace for longer. I am guessing it might have been 2004 or something. I am not sure. I like being able to personalize my page. I hate all the apps. I use the poker one and that is about it. I don't even use it much anymore. The Facebook apps are WORSE. I love you all, but please don't send me a shot from 17 different Facebook apps or poke me or slap me with a chicken if I have to go allow them access to all my personal information. You do realize this right? Every time you add an app you are allowing an outside company NOT Facebook, access to your information. I don't like that. I often ignore a lot of app invites. They start to annoy me. I don't mind the one where you just poke back and forth. I just don't want to add any more annoying apps. I have to say I probably like Myspace better simply because it is simple, basic and easy to understand. I just don't want to mess with it. Facebook has it's good points. I like the constant updates and the ability to comment on them. I like the wall to wall stuff. I don't like that everyone gets updates when you leave a comment or post comments on pics or anything. That is irritating. You can't do anything private, you know? So what is your preference?


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Anne said...

I have both, but had myspace first. My daughters wanted to have accounts so we joined together. Now we are all on facebook, too. And we all agree that myspace is better. I do like facebook for blog promotion, though. Additionally, a lot of people I went to high school with are on facebook as opposed to myspace. And some of them I actually don't mind getting reacquainted with!

Frye said...

I have both, MySpace for much longer, but I've eased on over to Facebook.

There was a point in time when I was in college where I refused to get FB but eventually I gave in and now I have days where I'm a little obsessed. Plus, it's much more easy to connect with old friends, especially because FB is the big thing now.

I totally hear you with all the applications, though. They annoy the crap out of me. I'll stick with poking thanks.

I totally understand the music on the blog thing too. A couple of months ago I was struggling to get some ears on my tunes so I had auto play. But I know more than anything it annoys people and I'd rather get plays from people that actually want to listen so they go up and click the play button compared to getting plays from people that aren't listening and don't even read my blog because they were annoyed.

Great blog, I really like it. You'll see me around again. :-)

Stephenie K. said...

Myspace is much better!


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