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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Every Picture Tells a Story

I am going through a lot of my pictures tonight and really a picture does always have a story behind it. I was reading a book series. It's called Charlie Bone I believe. The whole idea behind it is quite a copy off Harry Potter I think but it wasn't bad. The kid finds out at age 11 he has some powers. Well, one in particular. Looking at a photograph he can hear what the people were doing or saying at the time the photo was taken. What this power is good for who knows. But you can see a picture from 100 years ago and know exactly what was going on. It's an interesting read for the most part. Anyway this picture is from 2005. My friend Kristy third from the left was having a surprise birthday party. We made her wear the cape and crown. I won't even say what kind of cake she had, made by her husband and brother in law. My best friend Diana is on the left, then of course me, Kristy, some girl I really don't know well and Jessica. We were in Diana's garage. That was the location for many parties. I am guessing this summer we'll have more there. It's always a really good time. I believe the girl I didn't know well had just found out she was pregnant when this picture was taken. Kristy and her husband are now divorced. A lot has happened in a few years!


Bill said...

very good picture. It is amazing how time changes things. BTW you look beautiful here.


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