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Monday, February 9, 2009

Okay, He BIT her? Rihanna and Chris Brown Story

I have considered writing about this. I am not a celebrity blogger but this story seriously has me upset. I know the story is alleged at this point, but reading about Rihanna and Chris Brown disgusts me. If he really did hit her in the face and bite her, his career is over in my opinion. He is 19 and replaceable. I liked that song With You. I don't think I could listen to it now without getting ticked off. This is what he does to his significant other? Regardless of what the fight was about, he had no right to lay his hands on her. Domestic violence is never ok.

Story Here:


Dolly's Diary said...

I am a big Rihanna fan, I listen to her music everyday in my car. I agree with you, not matter what happened violence is not the answser, I pray she is doing ok and can stand strong.
Janet :)

Mama said...

Totally not cool! I agree that he should just disappear now. He's done and over with and nobody will miss him!


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