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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday and Finals

So far this Saturday I have been lazy. That's right. Lazy. I am not in the mood to do the list of things I have to do. Granted I have a little time to get them done but not that much. I need to be studying but let me tell you, we all need a break sometime.

I am going to crack open some books tonight. I'll at least get to work on the practice test for my math final. That one is super important. I do have a whole lot of things to do but this is it. My finals are this week then nada! Hey I don't even think I have a class on Monday. My final are on Wednesday and Thursday then that is that. OVER! I am almost done.

I will enjoy it while I can. Nursing School is on the 18th of January. After that I doubt I'll even remember what free time is!


Anonymous said...

good luck on your tests!


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