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Friday, December 4, 2009

Explore Modeling - Been Awhile

Explore Modeling - Face of e.l.f. Casting: Sandra Bender

Please click the link to vote for me. Time is winding down on this contest and my rank really hasn't improved a whole lot. I keep forgetting myself. haha Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday. I had class and now I am trying to relax for a few. I have a lot of studying to do this weekend. I'm kinda ready for it. I am so glad finals are almost here because then I am DONE! I can't wait to be finished for awhile.

I need to get busy on my Christmas shopping. I really haven't had a chance, nor has my mind been on it with dad being so sick. I didn't get the greatest news today about him. I am so worried about him. I can't stand this. The whole thing is too stressful. It seems so simple to just want your dad back. Life has proven to me time and again, it's just not that easy.


Anonymous said...

go girl! I'll hitcha up.

I might try some modeling myself! Do they have positins for overweight, bald, rednecks?
If so send em to me!

SLColman said...

Voted for you again :)

Valentine Books, Crafts Valentine, said...

I will vote for you sandra..
It is okay to have a stressful day and a boring day because I know that someday you will have your freedom will come.. You can do what you want that no one bothers you..
Shopping on Christmas is the perfect way to get away on your boredom and a stressful life..
Go for it and enjoy shopping!!!!


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