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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Shopping?

How much have you done? Me? I haven't bought a single thing. That's right. NOTHING. I don't even have a tree up. Honestly I would have done the tree by now but I just keep forgetting. I am feeling a little "Christmasy" this year, but still I tend to put these things off. I am one of those people running around the store at the last minute. I always get it done though.

I just haven't had time lately. The semester is winding down to a finish and with finals coming up I have my nose in the books. Top that off with all that's been going on with my dad and who has time? I'll get it done. I always do.

How much shopping have you all done? I love hearing how everyone is all done, presents wrapped and sitting under the tree by Thanksgiving. Oh that is so not me.

Oh and I snapped the pic with my webcam today. I tend to sit on my couch in a ball with the laptop on my lap of course :)


DragonflyzDreams said...

I have only bought presents for my two cats and do and alittle for my daughter that I found at the pet store unexpectedly. Golden Retriever socks and a nail file with them on it. I had to get them when I saw them.

I buy for myself all year so hard for MY DH to get me anything. I spent all our money already and we need the house paymeny to make so I am staying home and crafting and listing my things I sell.

I love to stay home! Study for your finals, it will be worth it in the long run.

watch the movie Christmas Buddies , Santa Paws, it is cute!

Smiles, Cyndi

roxxymetal said...

I just started my Christmas shopping last week. Still have lots to do yet!! I say every year that I'm going to start early so I don't have to be in a complete rush trying to get it all done but somehow that never happens.

Shameless Momma said...

Stay home and study, do the shopping when you can.

I'm making gift baskets for everyone on my list since they all love my bath & body products anyway. The little ones will be getting a few homemade accessories and candy, too.

Keep it simple and don't stress yourself.


Mohamed Suhail said...

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The Constant Complainer said...

We just got started shopping in the last few days. And we just got our tree up two days ago. We're not as far ahead as we've been the last few years. But we're trying. I'm the guy who has the list, but doesn't go out and buy the stuff until Christmas Eve anyway. Happy Holidays!

MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

I have bought for my father-in-law and my sister in law. And that's it. Only 30 some people to go haha!

new follower from the mom blogs come by and visit me!

jaemom said...

I did all my Christmas shopping online this year. It was so easy and had none of the hastle. I have one present yet to arrive otherwise everything else is here. I have to go to walmart to get my site to store orders but this weather hasn't allowed that. Now all I have to do is wrap them. All my Christmas stuff is up too. YOu need to come over sometime and see the new house.


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