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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nicole's Makeup Flub and My New Shoes

First of all this picture just made me laugh. I know I would hate it if it were me. Nicole went out on the red carpet with white powder literally all over her face. I am wondering where in the world was her makeup artist this night? I mean come on, it's not like she drove herself there, parked her car and walked up alone right? Someone had to have seen this. She always claimed she has had no work done. She's all natural. Unfortunately for her I have been watching her movies for oh.....15 years? I can see the change. Forehead lines don't disappear with age....but for her? Apparently they do.

I am just posting this to show off my new shoes. I looooove them! So freaking hot don't you think?

I can't wait to wear them out. That's 4 1/2 inches of heel there baby. I love being a whole 5'6 1/2".


Catherine said...

Great post Sandi! I love how all these stars swear they've never had anything done to them, when its so obvious that they have. And I'm loving those heels ;)!!!

Mhar's Display said...

I am a fan of Nicole Kidman. She stays beautiful and sexy.
Hey, your new shoes rocks!



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