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Monday, August 24, 2009

A Truly Bad Morning

Today was my firt day of class. I had a philosophy class at nine. I also have to wake up 3 girls for school. I have to manage to get myself ready, get the kids ready and fed, then wake up the baby and get her fed and taken care of. I then drop off the kids at school and take Gabbi to Daycare. Today was her first day.

Things began to go wrong when I was only about 5 minutes away from the Daycare. I got stuck behind a truck carrying one of those large blinking arrows that they use during road construction. I was many cars back and no one was passing. He was cruising at about 10 miles an hour TOPS. Finally after having lost way too much time for my first day of class I got Gabbi dropped off and headed out to the college.

About 3 miles from the school when things were looking hopeful it got destroyed again. It became a one lane road the rest of the way to the school. This lane moved slower than the previous truck. We were not moving much of the time. I got to school at probably 9:15. My class started at 9:00. Unsure of what I should do I parked 8 million mile away since it was the only spot available and then walked another 1000 miles to the class that I realized I could not find. I saw the numbers on the building 231.......234....uhh....wait. I need 232. I go back. Yes that is 231. I go ahead again. 234. Well where in the world is 232? I then get the ingenious idea to go INTO the building at 231 and see if gets me to 232 which it does. By then it's 9:30 a.m. and my class is over at you guessed it. I missed my first day. I was fighting tears! I could not believe my perfect day was ruined. So I came home and immediately e-mailed the teacher to explain and get any assignments. I do hope he understands.

What a horrible horrible morning! I hope that construction doesn't delay me like this every day. I saw a sign on the way home on one of the roads with no construction claiming construction begins on August 31st. Now go back and read my older post complaining about all the freaking road construction. I don't care about nice roads anymore. I am getting ticked off!!!


Kell said...

don't stress out too much over it, girl! the 1st day is always a bunch of rules and regulations anyways - i'm sure you didn't miss anything too important. plus you e-mailed which shows you care.

im sure everything will be fine!

cynthia hoover said...

Sorry your first day was so bad for ya. I agree with Kell though. The first day is usually like that.

Lynne said...

That's definitely a tough way to start the day, hope the afternoon was better for you. Surely your teacher will understand and it was good for you to be proactive and email him!

Angel said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your first day of classes started off in such a stressful way. Road construction can definitely throw the timing way off. Hope that the rest of your week goes much more smoothly:)

ChocDrop said...

The first day isn't a big deal. At least you made it although you were late.

Construction sucks!!!

Leanne said...

Ahhh. I get it. I had to miss my first day last year too when my youngest threw up all over me on the way to her school. Sigh. BUT my prof was great about it. I think you'll find they cut you some slack, actually mine cut me a lot once they see I'm old :) and have kids. I have the construction too. Good luck!

Melissa said...

What a mess. It will get better, especially as you adapt to your new schedule, and time frame.

Stepterix said...

In recognition of this blog I hereby award you with the BINGO Beautiful Blog Award. You can collect it at


SLColman said...

Try not to stress out too much over things. Hopefully the rest of the week gets better and you are able to figure out how to get everything you need to done in the mornings! Sounds so hectic for you :( Good luck this semester!! I know you will do great!


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