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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jeff Dunham Posted a Video

He posted it on Facebook....and it had nothing to do with him. I found this amusing. I thought I'd share. Oh and yeah I added Jeff Dunham to my Facebook. What can I say? You really should watch this. I don't think I would try to go and sing to the beats. The little girl is adorable. The guy at the end is jut incredible. Not to mention the beat boxer himself. He is really good.

I am pretty tired and have accepted this is my life now. I am ok with it. It's so important to me to reach my goals! I just might need a margarita tomorrow night. :)


Dave Q. said...

I hope you got your margarita. In my experience, it has been a sure fire way for my wife to relax after a long, exhausting week.

hitesh rawat said...

hey i like him....he is good......especially with Achmed.....i kill you....

woo hoo............\,,,/


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